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Silent Pandemic: A Documentary on Antimicrobial Resistance Directed by Michael Wech

Award-winning filmmaker Michael Wech, hailing from Germany, partnered with Black Production Films to work on a feature length documentary titled "Silent Pandemic."

The documentary sheds light on the rising issue of antimicrobial resistance in the world, which is causing bacteria to build resistance to antibiotics at a faster rate than new antibiotics are entering the market. This gap in the availability of effective antibiotics is a cause for concern and has been dubbed the "antibiotic gap" by experts. The World Health Organization has labeled this issue a "silent pandemic" due to its slow and creeping nature, which is not as noticeable as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The documentary team was led by Syed Zeshan Ahmed Unit Producer and Faraz Iqbal as the head cinematographer, Fahad acting as the production assistant and Bilal Mirza as Drone Pilot. The team shot the documentary in Pakistan using Red Dragon 6k and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k cameras with Arri Ultra Prime lenses. The shoot took place in Karachi & Hyderabad, which went exceptionally well. Michael Wech praised the team's devotion and time management and enjoyed the local food during his stay in Pakistan. The team had a farewell dinner with Michael before he left Pakistan.

The "Silent Pandemic" documentary was shot in eight different countries, with Pakistan being one of the most critical locations for the film. Black Production Films, headed by Syed Zeshan Ahmed, was part of the documentary feature film. The film was screened at the Ford Center for Social Justice in New York in November 2022 and was attended by high-level dignitaries from the United Nations and the US health sector.

The film received a positive response from the audience, and its message was widely appreciated.

The issue of antimicrobial resistance is of utmost importance and needs immediate attention from the international community. The "Silent Pandemic" documentary is a step towards raising awareness about this issue and highlighting the importance of finding a solution before it becomes too late. The team's effort in filming this documentary in Pakistan and other parts of the world deserves commendation, and it is hoped that the documentary will help in creating greater awareness about this important issue.


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